25th November 2021, Premier Suite, University of Bolton Stadium, Bolton Whites Hotel

25th November 2021, Premier Suite, University of Bolton Stadium, Bolton Whites Hotel

Now in our 7th year of the She Inspires Awards, with a record-breaking number of nominations, locally, nationally and globally, this is already looking like a very memorable year! 

Nominations for the 2021 She Inspires Awards have attracted nominations from countries including Kenya, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Egypt, India, Pakistan, America and Sri Lanka as well as from across the UK.

As with every other part of our society, and throughout every part of the world, circumstances have dictated an unprecedented challenge to everyone’s life through the Covid-19 pandemic. When you face something when life itself is at stake, it’s natural to be at least uncertain, and most probably, afraid.  And yet it’s exactly at times like this that the qualities we have always looked for and celebrated through SheInspires Awards, come to the fore.

Our virtual event in December 2020, demonstrated our own determination to continue doing what we’re doing, regardless of circumstances.

 For all of us, celebrating inspiring stories and selfless individuals, takes on an even greater importance.  We want them to be emboldened by their success and, with all humility, be proud to share what they’ve achieved with everyone.  This is the time more than ever before, to motivate and inspire us and our communities.

 Well done to everyone nominated.  We recognise and thank you for what you do for others.


With very best wishes,

Gulnaz Brennan
Founder, She Inspires Awards.

Gulnaz Brennan
Founder, She Inspires Awards.

#WeAreOrange Champions

Actor Kelvin Fletcher brought smiles to award winners’ faces when he personally delivered trophies to them in a whistle-stop tour of the North West. The University of Bolton ambassador, who hosted the 2020 She Inspires Awards ceremony virtually because of the pandemic, finally got the chance to hand over the impressive trophies.

Kelvin said: “It has been a fantastic day and a lovely thing to do and it needed to be done. Under normal circumstances on the night I would have been meeting the winners face to face and hugging them as I gave them their trophies.That obviously wasn’t possible because of the pandemic, so this was the next best thing and the least we could do to recognise these amazing women.”

Thank you Kelvin Fletcher!

Our Winners at a Glance! Women who are not afraid to make decisions, not afraid to make mistakes, have transformed solitary fantasy into reality, who define success on their own terms and achieve it by their own rules and continue to shape the world through their leadership!

May 1962 - November 2020

Gay died from injuries sustained when she was struck by a car on Chorley New Road on November 13 2020. She gave untold hours of her time to many Bolton-based charities and leaves a legacy of kindness for the people of Bolton.

Dedicated to the memory of  Gay Wharton, our dear friend and Inspire Winner of Girl up Award 2020

This award will celebrate an exceptional woman who has been kind and supported other women to achieve their goals. Support can be in form of (but not limited to), connecting people, signposting and mentoring. Ambassadors, Patrons, Champions, Networkers, Community Connectors, Mentors.

*Not open for nominations.

Our Cause Partner of the Year 2021

Girls Out Loud is a social enterprise dedicated to raising the aspirations of teenage girls in the UK.  The organisation is passionate about empowering girls to find their voice. Their programmes are all about embedding more confidence, emotional resilience, self-assurance and self-esteem.  In turn, this leads to real aspiration, real change and long lasting success.

We are absolutely delighted and honoured to announce that Baroness Morris, Prime Minister's Trade Envoy ~ Jordon, Kuwait and Palestine; Deputy Speaker~ House of Lords; Chancellor Emeritus ~ University of Bolton;  is our Patron for the #SheInspires campaign. A true embodiment of #SheInspires ethos, her  long list of accomplishments is matched only by her true humility.