Now in our 7th year of the She Inspires Awards, with a record-breaking number of nominations, locally, nationally and globally, this is already looking like a very memorable year! 

Nominations for the 2021 She Inspires Awards have attracted nominations from countries including Kenya, Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Egypt, India, Pakistan, America and Sri Lanka as well as from across the UK.

As with every other part of our society, and throughout every part of the world, circumstances have dictated an unprecedented challenge to everyone’s life through the Covid-19 pandemic. When you face something when life itself is at stake, it’s natural to be at least uncertain, and most probably, afraid.  And yet it’s exactly at times like this that the qualities we have always looked for and celebrated through SheInspires Awards, come to the fore.

Our virtual event in December 2020, demonstrated our own determination to continue doing what we’re doing, regardless of circumstances.

 For all of us, celebrating inspiring stories and selfless individuals, takes on an even greater importance.  We want them to be emboldened by their success and, with all humility, be proud to share what they’ve achieved with everyone.  This is the time more than ever before, to motivate and inspire us and our communities.

 Well done to everyone nominated.  We recognise and thank you for what you do for others.


With very best wishes,

Gulnaz Brennan
Founder, She Inspires Awards.

Gulnaz Brennan
Founder, She Inspires Awards.

Key Dates

Entries Open
24th February 2021

Entries Close
31st May 2021

Nominee Acceptance Submission  
July/August 2021

Judging Process
August-October 2021

Pre-Award Luncheon 
October (Date TBC) 

Award Ceremony
25th November 2021